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Two Florida Women Killed in Wrong Way Accident

Tragedy struck on a Florida highway recently when a driver reportedly struck the vehicle of two South Florida sisters, killing them both. As reported by an NBC News affiliate, the two women were traveling home from a Disney World visit on Interstate 95. A Jeep Cherokee was also traveling down the highway, but in the wrong direction. The Jeep struck the sisters’ vehicle, reportedly causing a large and fiery explosion. The women, who were both in the early 20s, were declared dead at the accident scene by first responders. The driver of the Jeep was critically injured, according to reports.

The Sun Sentinel is reporting that the operator of the Jeep was allegedly driving on a revoked license. Reportedly classified as a habitual offender, the accused would not be eligible to receive an operator’s license until the year 2020. He was reportedly charged with a DUI in 2010 and he has faced allegations of driving under the influence on two separate occasions. Witnesses reported that the Jeep flipped into the air upon initial impact and landed on top of the girls’ vehicle. Thus far, no charges have been filed and the Florida Highway Patrol continues to investigate the incident.

Every year, almost 40,000 individuals perish in automobile accidents. An additional two million suffer a variety of injuries, some of which are debilitating. When these injuries due to the purposeful actions of negligent behavior of another, the victim may have recourse to secure adequate compensation for her injuries.

Wrong Way Drivers

Though these accidents are still relatively uncommon, the frequency of wrong way driving accidents seems to be increasing. These incidents occur when a driver travels down a road directly into oncoming traffic. As explained above, the consequences of the violent impacts are catastrophic and often deadly.

These accidents usually occur on highways, where operators are traveling at a high rate of speed. During the collision, the vehicles hit with incredible force. Additionally, no one is expecting a driver to come at them head on. The element of surprise does not allow the victim driver adequate reaction time. Additionally, the location of the impact is a the front of the car. This may cause the driver’s body to lunge forward into the steering wheel or even through the windshield and out into oncoming traffic. Wrong way accidents reportedly account for 12 times more deaths than any other type of vehicle accident occurring on a major roadway.

The Reasons Why

For most individuals, it is unthinkable to cross over into oncoming traffic while driving, but the drivers of these cars are often under the influence of a drug or alcohol. Distracted driving is another common cause behind these accidents. Especially on a two way roadway, a quick telephone glance can lead to a head-on-collision.

If you or a loved was injured in a wrong way accident, call The Pawlowski//Mastrilli Law Group in Tampa at 813-242-4404 for a free consultation. Our experienced attorneys can assist you and your family in securing the compensation you deserve.

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