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Tampa Defective Products Lawyer

When you invest in a product, you inherently trust it will work as it is intended to work. However, there are times when a product is defective. While minor defects may not compromise the health or safety of consumers, certain types of defective products can lead to injuries or death. Some cases where a defective product has led to injury or death may prove complex. However, the Tampa defective product lawyers at The Pawlowski//Mastrilli Law Group have the experience to ensure you get the compensation and damages that are necessary for you to recover from the injuries or ill-effects from the defective product in question.

When it comes to battling insurance companies, the makers of defective products typically have the upper hand and will try and settle damages for as little as possible. Our expert legal team will combine resources that can help you successfully protect your rights and win a settlement that reflects what you have suffered. Regardless of whether your claim is against a major corporation or a small one, our team will invest the same amount of time and energy because proving liability, ensuring compensation and protecting other potential consumers from injuries or death by a defective product is what matters to us.

Proving liability in a defective product claim typically rests with three distinct areas of concern or origin of the defect. Those three theories of liability include:

  • Defective Design— This theory pertains to liability resulting from the design of the product in question. Typically through a mistake or oversight, the product becomes dangerous even when used in accordance with how it was intended to be used.
  • Defective Manufacture— This specific theory of liability pertains to a product that proves to be defective from a flaw or other issue directly related to the manufacturing process itself.
  • Marketing Defects— This area of liability relates to a products terms of use, warning labels of instructions. Insufficient warnings or instructions that prevented a user from discovering or protecting themselves from a defect in the product can be proof of a marketing defect. Also, liability may be proven if a defect in the product itself resulted in a user being unable to use or apply the product safely.
Tampa Defective Product Lawyer

Engineer worker with accident at factory, Worker with injury from machine working

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Victims of defective products may suffer anything from minor injury to serious or life-altering injuries that may require long-term or expensive medical procedures or treatments. Lost wages and emotional trauma may also result from injuries related to defective products. With a defective product claim, there may even be a limited time frame for seeking compensation. Therefore, if you feel you may have been injured due to a defective product, either by design, its manufacturing process or how it is marketed for use, contact our Tampa defective product lawyers as soon as possible to see if we may be able to secure a settlement or win damages for your particular case.

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