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State and Federal Officials Investigating Aircraft Landing on Interstate

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicle reports that more than 200,000 automobile accidents take place on the state’s roadways each and every year. This averages out to about 540 accidents per day. While fender benders frequently occur on the state’s highways, drivers on Interstate 595 recently experienced a completely unexpected type of highway accident when a single-engine plane landed on the roadway in the middle of morning rush hour traffic.

The Sun Sentinel is reporting about the 58-year-old pilot who was traveling from South Carolina to Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Though he was reportedly cleared to land at the airport, the landing was delayed. The pilot claims that the delay caused his aircraft to run out of fuel, forcing him to make an emergency landing. Though no one was seriously hurt in the accident, according to reports, the top of one driver’s car was forcefully struck before the plane touched down on the highway.

As reported in the article, the pilot chose to land on the highway after realizing that the fuel tanks were empty. He is quoted as saying, “You always pick out pavement whenever possible as opposed to turf, and then you try to pick the widest stretch of pavement that you can.” He reportedly remained on the highway for several hours following the impact, waiting for the arrival of the Federal Aviation Administration. The driver of the involved car also reportedly remained on the scene until interviewed by the FAA. Once the agency completed its initial investigation, state troopers and DMV Road Rangers undertook the daunting task of removing the aircraft from the highway.

When Aviation Accidents Result in Injury

Aviation accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, but most involve private planes, cargo planes and aircrafts with a single engine. When these incidents occur, they are investigated by the FAA, as well as the National Transportation Safety Board.

There are numerous causes of an aviation accident, including:

  • Pilot mistake or negligent behavior –This may encompass a variety of circumstances, including negligent flying behavior or failure to adequately maintain the condition of the aircraft;

  • Mechanical malfunctions within the plane – This factor may not only create potential liability for the owner, but negligence may also extend to any mechanical companies that performed work on the aircraft; and

  • Improper design – This factor is relevant to the manufacturer of the aircraft and questions the integrity of the plane’s design.

When instituting an aviation lawsuit, it is important to preserve all relevant evidence for presentation in court. Additionally, you should investigate and uncover every relevant piece of information. This task can prove daunting for most individuals. From dealing with an aggressive insurance company to understanding the legalities of a settlement agreement, the interests of an aircraft accident plaintiff are best served with the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney.

If you or a loved was injured in an aviation accident, call The Pawlowski//Mastrilli Law Group in Tampa at 813-242-4404 for a free and confidential consultation. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to legally challenge large corporations, as well as their insurance companies.

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