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Will My Auto Insurance Cover a Bicycle Accident?

Will My Auto Insurance Cover a Bicycle Accident?

You pay a lot of money for your auto insurance, but you do really understand what it covers? Does it only apply to cars and trucks?

Each policy is different, but for the most part, your coverage should extend to bicycles. You typically would not need to purchase a separate policy if you want protection while riding your bike. Therefore, if you ride a bicycle often or live in an area where bicycles are a common form of transportation, you’ll want to know what exactly is covered in case you are ever involved in a vehicle-bicycle crash.

So how does your auto insurance work? Auto insurance offers two forms of protection. It protects us in case we cause harm to other people in a car accident. It also protects us from automobile-related harms that we may suffer as a bicyclist. These insurance policies have certain provisions that address various forms of damages, as well as uninsured/underinsured coverage and medical payment coverage.

What if I am Riding a Bicycle? 

If you are hit by a car while riding a bicycle, your auto insurance may cover your injuries, regardless of fault. If your auto insurance policy offers medical payments coverage or personal injury protection, your injuries will be covered if you are a bicyclist listed on the policy.

If the crash was not your fault, you can recover compensation from the at-fault driver’s auto insurance. You can also recover compensation for damage to your bike and protective gear. If you are at fault, and you want to recover compensation for damage to your bicycle, you will need to use your homeowner’s insurance. Your auto insurance won’t cover it.

What if I Hit Someone Riding a Bicycle?

If you hit someone riding a bicycle and you are at fault, your liability insurance will cover the bicyclist’s injuries, as well as damage to the bicycle and protective gear. If you are not at fault for the crash, the bicyclist will have to use his or her own insurance to recover compensation.

What if No Vehicle is Involved?

Unfortunately, auto insurance does not cover all biking accident situations. For example, if you are riding your bike on a trail and flip over a hill, you will not be covered. There needs to be another vehicle involved in order for you to use your insurance and recover compensation. If you do want extra coverage, then you’ll need to purchase a separate bicycle insurance policy. While this is not required, it’s a good idea if you ride a bike often, participate in races or do a lot of off-road riding in dangerous situations.

Get Legal Help for Your Florida Bicycle Accident Case 

You may be confused about coverage in bicycle crashes. The good news is that whether you are the bicyclist or you hit a bicyclist, if you have sufficient auto insurance, most damages should be covered.

The Tampa car accident attorneys at The Pawlowski//Mastrilli Law Group can help you understand your coverage and help you file any claims. Fill out the online form or call 813-242-4404 to schedule a consultation with our office today.


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