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Tampa Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

Any time a contract is signed and willing parties enter an agreement, most people stand by their word and make every effort to abide by that agreement. However, not everyone strives to uphold basic standards of honor, integrity and trustworthiness. Whenever a party intentionally disregards a contractual obligation or willfully acts dishonestly, they may be guilty of acting in Bad Faith. Those who have been wronged or have been the victim of someone acting in Bad Faith have legal recourse because Bad Faith is a violation of one’s rights and not fulfilling a contractual obligation, either by an individual or insurance company, is illegal. The Tampa insurance bad faith lawyers at The Pawlowski//Mastrilli Law Group have years of experience successfully holding those guilty of Bad Faith accountable and winning compensation for their victims.

The process of determining liability or guilt in a Bad Faith case can be extremely cumbersome and often requires research, evidence gathering and an inherent understanding of current Bad Faith laws and regulations. Our insurance bad faith lawyers have the ability to negotiate firmly and effectively with insurance companies who may have tried to limit coverage or deny coverage without proper notification or legal justification. Insurance companies are held to strict legal standards of practice and behavior.

Some potential clients may be unsure if they have even been a victim of Bad Faith. When it comes to insurance companies, there are a few basic standards of practice that when violated constitute Bad Faith. Those universal standards include:

  • A company should not engage in determined undervaluation of a claim
  • A company should not delay paying out benefits
  • A company should not avoid coverage and deny a claim in order to profit

Call us today for a Free Tampa Insurance Bad Faith Case Consultation

If you feel that you may be victim of Bad Faith, it is important that you act quickly. The Pawlowski//Mastrilli Law Group can help decipher your unique situation, the earlier we can help you win the compensation you deserve. Because each case may be vastly different, the compensation and the damages you may have suffered can vary. Our attorneys can filter through every nuance of your case to increase the chances that you have the most advantageous result possible. Contact our Tampa insurance bad faith lawyers today.

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