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Tampa License Suspension Lawyer

If you are pulled over or in an accident while your license is suspended, revoked, or cancelled in Florida, there can be harsh penalties to deal with. With dedicated legal representation, you can minimize or avoid those penalties. The Pawlowski//Mastrilli Law Group has the experience and diligence necessary to get the best possible outcome for your case if you have been charged with driving with a suspended, revoked, or cancelled license. Contact our experienced Tampa license suspension lawyers.

Penalties for Driving With a Revoked License

Losing your license for any reason can have a huge impact on your life overall, including work and family obligations. If you drive while that license is suspended, you could lose your license for longer than the initial term. You could be subject to jail time. The potential penalties depend on the circumstances and the reason your license was suspended or revoked to begin with. If you are charged with a first or second offense of driving illegally, the charge is a misdemeanor punishable with up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. If it is a third offense, the charge can be upgraded to a felony. A felony charge may mean up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine. However, if you have been charged with driving with a suspended license and were unaware that your license was under suspension, it may be a civil infraction rather than criminal. Aside from the potential fines and possible jail time, anyone convicted of driving while their license is suspended, revoked, or cancelled, may also be subject to higher car insurance rates.

We Fight To Save Your License

The Pawlowski//Mastrilli Law Group understands the importance of getting your license back as soon as possible and protecting you from further fines, jail time, or other penalties. We will work to find any mitigating circumstances that may work to your benefit and do all we can to minimize the impact the charges may have on your life and record. We may even be able to help reduce or get those charges dismissed, depending on the circumstances. Before you just accept the consequences of being charged with driving with a suspended, revoked, or cancelled license, let The Pawlowski//Mastrilli Law Group hear your case and see if we can get the best possible outcome for you. Contact our Tampa license suspension lawyers.

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