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Oldsmar Car Accident Lawyer

Florida sees thousands of visitors every year. This, combined with the high number of commuters, pedestrians, and cyclists in the state, makes Florida’s roads some of the busiest in the nation. Unfortunately, this means that car accidents in Florida occur relatively often. In fact, the Department of Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FHSMV) estimates that as many as 403,626 car accidents took place in the state in 2018 alone. Alarmingly, those collisions resulted in 236,157 injuries, 3,135 of which tragically proved to be fatal.

Although Florida is a no-fault auto insurance state, it is possible to recover compensation for accident-related losses, so if you or a loved one were recently injured in a Florida car crash, please contact one of our experienced Oldsmar car accident lawyers today for an explanation of your legal options.

Car Accident Causes

Car accidents can happen just about anywhere and at any time, but tend to occur most often because at least one driver:

  • Disregarded road markings or traffic signs;
  • Drove too fast for the conditions;
  • Exceeded the posted speed limit;
  • Failed to stay in the proper lane;
  • Followed another vehicle too closely;
  • Failed to yield the right-of-way;
  • Ran a stop sign or red light; or
  • Made an improper turn.

Fortunately, if a driver is found to have caused an accident through this type of negligence, he or she could be held liable for any resulting serious injuries.

Car Accident Injuries

The severity and type of injury that a person sustains in a car accident depends on a number of different factors, including:

  • The ages and general health of the parties involved;
  • The number and type of vehicle involved in the collision;
  • The speed at which the vehicles were traveling prior to the crash;
  • Whether the occupants were wearing seat belts;
  • Whether the airbags in the vehicles deployed properly; and
  • The type of accident in question.

Of these factors, the type of accident in which the parties were involved tends to have the largest impact on the kinds of injuries sustained. Motorists who are involved in t-bone crashes, for instance, are much more likely to suffer shoulder and rib injuries, as well as head trauma and hearing loss, while rear-end accidents are notorious for causing serious neck injuries. Head-on collisions and rollover accidents often prove to be the most dangerous type of car accident, with occupants being much more likely to suffer traumatic brain injury, broken bones, severe lacerations, spinal cord damage, and internal injuries.

Call Today for Help with Your Car Accident Case

Treating car accident injuries is often expensive, even when the injuries in question were relatively minor. Fortunately, those who are injured in car accidents in Florida are often entitled to compensation for their losses, whether through an insurance policy or a legal claim, so if you were recently injured in a collision in Florida, please call our office today to speak with one of the experienced Oldsmar car accident lawyers at the Pawlowski // Mastrilli Law Group about seeking compensation for your accident-related losses.

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