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Lakeland Family Lawyer 

The legal practice area of family law encompasses such a wide range of issues that it’s very likely you’ll need to consult with a family lawyer at some point during your life. When that time comes, it’s important to realize the importance of retaining an attorney that not only knows the laws, but is also able to guide you through some very personal, sensitive issues. These cases affect family and other people who are very close to you, so emotional factors have a unique effect that’s not present in other matters.

At the Pawlowski // Mastrilli Law Group, our team has extensive experience representing clients in all types of family law cases. We’re ready to advocate on your behalf in court, but we can also assist in negotiating agreements to resolve disputes. Please contact our firm to schedule a case assessment with a Lakeland family lawyer who can help you navigate the complexities of these matters. Some information on our legal services may also be useful. 

Types of Family Law Cases We Handle

Because family issues extend into many different areas, it’s crucial to work with lawyers that understand the details of the law and your specific circumstances. We can support you with:

Divorce: There are two key issues to address when you’re contemplating divorce, aside from issues regarding children.

  1. Division of property you acquired during your marriage can be contentious, starting from the point of determining whether assets are marital or nonmarital.
  2. Alimony may be appropriate and, if it is, you could have concerns as a recipient or payor.

Prenuptial Agreements: Even before you get married, it makes sense to review your respective financial situations and discuss a prenup. You can avoid protracted, expensive litigation by executing the appropriate documents.

Issues Related to Minor Children: Parents have rights and responsibilities regardless of whether they live under the same roof. Though the child’s best interests are paramount, issues like custody, visitation, and support are issues in family law cases.

Modification and Enforcement: As circumstances change, an order or agreement regarding family law issues may need adjustment.

LGBTQ: Florida law doesn’t distinguish individuals with regards to family law issues, so the same divorce, property division, alimony, and other matters are relevant to the LGBTQ community. 

It’s possible to enter an agreement on these family law matters or resolve them through the mediation process. If we’re unable to reach a compromise, our lawyers at The Pawlowski // Mastrilli Law Group will represent you in court. We can work together on a strategy designed to meet your goals.

Set Up a Consultation with a Lakeland Family Lawyer

The Pawlowski // Mastrilli Law Group has the knowledge, experience, and skills to advocate on your behalf in these family law issues and many more. If you would like more information on how we can support your needs, please contact us. You can set up a consultation at our Lakeland office by calling 863-285-3746 or visiting our website. Once we learn more about your story, we can discuss legal options and strategies for resolving your case.

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