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Hurricane Damage Lawyer

If you are a home or property owner in Florida, chances are high that you have homeowners’ insurance – most lenders won’t offer a mortgage loan if the purchaser doesn’t carry this insurance type. As such, if your home or property is damaged in a hurricane, you likely expect that, as burdensome and heartbreaking as it may be, you don’t have too much to worry about – your insurance coverage will take care of everything.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are often hesitant to pay claims, and homeowners are often left floundering and wondering what to do. If you need help, our St. Petersburg hurricane damage lawyers can assist you.

Hurricanes Are a Serious Threat in Florida

Hurricanes are a serious problem in Florida, and those who live in coastal areas are at serious risk. Indeed, in an average hurricane season, around 10 storms may form, with a handful of these making landfall. In the past decade alone, some of the strongest hurricanes on record have battered the southeastern United States.

When a hurricane hits, home and property owners may face numerous losses, both personal and financial. These losses can leave homeowners with questions about what their future will look like, and can create long-term economic barriers to success.

How to Prepare for a Hurricane

If you are a homeowner, knowing how to prepare for hurricane season, stay safe if a storm does hit, and mitigate losses is key. The Insurance Information Institute (III) recommends planning your emergency evacuation route ahead of time; ensuring that you have emergency supplies, including non-perishable food items, on hand; taking inventory of your personal property (this will be very important when pursuing an insurance settlement); and taking steps to protect your home, such as hurricane-proofing your doors, sealing wall openings, cutting weak branches and trees, and more.

Getting an Insurance Settlement After a Hurricane

After your home weathers a hurricane, you’ll need to take steps immediately to preserve your right to compensation through your insurance policy. This includes documenting everything possible, reviewing your policy, mitigating further damage, and informing your insurance company of your claim as soon as possible. As you navigate the process, know that your insurer will likely be looking for ways to reduce your claim, including denying part of your claim, taking unreasonable delay in processing your claim, offering you less than you deserve, placing blame for damages on your shoulders, claiming that damage isn’t covered, and more. In order to help you maximize your award and stand up against an insurance adjuster, our hurricane damages lawyers will be by your side.

Reach Out to Our St. Petersburg Hurricane Damage Lawyers Today

If your home or property has been damaged in a hurricane and you are the process of filing a claim and are struggling to recover a fair settlement, please reach out to our team directly. Our St. Petersburg hurricane damage lawyers have years of experience, know how to negotiate settlements, and understand the tactics that insurance adjusters use to reduce the value of policyholders’ claims.

If you need help, our team is available to start working on your claim immediately. Please reach our law firm today for a free consultation to get started.

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