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Clearwater Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

There are hundreds of nursing homes in Florida, ranging in size, price, and quality. While these nursing homes all may be very different and located in distinct areas of the state, all of them have a duty to provide the residents with a high level of care. When this duty of care is breached and a resident is harmed, a nursing home abuse or neglect claim may exist. At The Pawlowski//Mastrilli Law Group, our Clearwater nursing home abuse lawyers can help if you or your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse.

Neglect and Abuse in Nursing Homes

Nursing home abuse occurs when a nursing home staff member actively acts against a nursing home resident, intentionally causing them harm. Nursing home neglect, on the other hand, refers to a situation where a nursing home resident simply does not receive the level of care that they deserve, perhaps as a result of understaffing or another issue. Both neglect and abuse can give rise to a claim for damages against the nursing home.

Types of Nursing Home Injuries that May Signal Abuse or Neglect

Sometimes, it can be hard to recognize signs of abuse or neglect as a loved one of someone who is residing within a nursing home. Some injuries and warning signs that may signal that abuse or neglect is occurring include:

  • Bone fractures;
  • Bruises;
  • Torn or bloodied clothing;
  • Infections;
  • Bedsores;
  • Welts or wounds;
  • Dehydration;
  • Malnutrition;
  • Bedrail asphyxiation;
  • Emotional changes, such as sudden withdrawal;
  • Fear of the nursing home or of a specific staff member;
  • Angry outbursts;
  • Development of depression; and
  • Worsening of condition or unexplained illness or injury.

What to Do if You Suspect that Abuse or Neglect Are Occurring

If you suspect that abuse or neglect is occurring, you are highly encouraged to act quickly. Elderly persons are very vulnerable, and untreated injuries, malnutrition, dehydration, and even psychological harm can be fatal.

The first thing that you should do is call the police in the event that you suspect the elderly person’s life to be in danger. If you do not think that the elderly person is at risk of imminent harm, then you do not need to call the police. Instead, you should report your concerns to a nursing home manager.

Then, you should file an official complaint with the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration. You can do this online or by phone.

During the process of reporting the abuse or neglect, you should be taking thorough notes and documenting your suspicions and any evidence of abuse. If you can, take photos of injuries.

Finally, you should contact an experienced Clearwater nursing home abuse lawyer who can help you to understand your rights and how to pursue a civil claim for damages.

Contact Our Clearwater Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Today

The idea of a nursing home failing to provide a high level of care, let alone abuse a resident, is unacceptable and hard to imagine. If it is happening to you or a loved one, you have rights. To learn more about what steps to take and how our Clearwater nursing home abuse lawyers can help, please call our law firm directly or send us a message at your convenience.

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