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Clearwater Hurricane Damage Lawyer

If you live near the coast in Florida, you enjoy beautiful views and plenty of sunshine year-round. But you also run the risk of being involved in a hurricane, which can be both dangerous and result in serious damage to your home. Following hurricane damage, the process of getting the settlement you deserve from your insurer can feel like a nightmare, resulting in even more stress than the hurricane itself. At The Pawlowski//Mastrilli Law Group, our Clearwater hurricane damage lawyers can help.

Hurricane Preparedness – Reduce Damages and Risks

The best way to avoid having to file an insurance claim after a hurricane is to make sure that your home and your family are prepared. By reducing damages and risks, you can mitigate damages and reduce the risk of the insurer telling you that your claim is being denied as a result of your failure to do due diligence. To prepare your home for a hurricane, be sure to:

  • Cover your A/C unit;
  • Install a surge protector;
  • Clean out your gutters and drains;
  • Move items that could cause damage (like outdoor patio furniture);
  • Turn off the gas and electricity to your home;
  • Brace windows with shutters; and
  • Elevate furniture and put any personal items in a safe space.

In addition to the above, which can protect your property, be sure to create a home emergency preparedness plan and evacuation plan, and buy or make an emergency kit.

Filing a Hurricane Damage Claim

If your home has been damaged in a hurricane, you may be able to recover compensation by filing a hurricane damage liability claim against your homeowners’ insurance. Unfortunately, your insurer may deny your claim, or offer you less than you deserve. Keep in mind that many homeowners’ insurance policies in Florida do not automatically offer flood insurance, and that you may have to purchase this separately. Fortunately, windstorm coverage is likely to be included in your policy (but is not a given). Depending on the hurricane and the damage, you may also qualify for other forms of assistance as well.

The best thing to do when a hurricane happens is to start documenting as much as you can immediately. You should notify your insurer as soon as possible. Then, you should contact an experienced attorney who has experience working on hurricane damage claims.

Our Clearwater Hurricane Damage Lawyers Can Help

Being involved in a hurricane can be terrifying, as well as heartbreaking if anyone is injured as a result or property is destroyed. As you navigate what to do in the aftermath of a hurricane, know that our skilled lawyers will be by your side ready to help. For help understanding sources of compensation after a hurricane, how to file an insurance claim, how to negotiate an insurance claim, and what your rights are, call our law firm directly for a free consultation. We work to serve you.

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