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Clearwater Family Lawyer

Most people don’t plan for needing a family law attorney. Indeed, at the time of marriage, no one’s thinking about divorce. And no one plans to become a victim of domestic violence, or to become involved in a custody battle with a former partner. While family law matters can be emotional and complex to navigate, our Clearwater family lawyer provides support and high-quality legal services to our clients. If you have a family matter that requires going through the courts to resolve, our legal team will be by your side to provide you with trusted guidance and representation along the way.

Family Law Practice Areas

Our lawyers are prepared to offer support in a range of family law practice areas.

  • Divorce. One of the most common reasons that people reach out to us for support is that of filing for divorce. Divorce can be messy and emotional – we provide filing services and help in understanding the law, as well as representation during negotiations or divorce litigation.
  • Child custody. Perhaps the most contentious area of family law is that of child custody. For parents who both want custody of their child, reaching an agreement that puts the best needs of the child first can be difficult.
  • Paternity. Before a father can seek custody or visitation rights with their child, and before a mother can ask a father to pay child support, paternity must be established. There are multiple ways this can be done – ask our lawyers for more guidance.
  • Alimony and spousal support. At the time of a divorce, the financially dependent spouse in the relationship may ask the court to award alimony or spousal support. We’ll explain how spousal support is calculated and when it’s appropriate in a divorce case.
  • Prenuptial/postnuptial agreement. While stigmatized as being unromantic, our lawyers urge couples who are tying the knot to consider the value of a prenuptial agreement, or a postnuptial agreement if vows have already been exchanged.
  • Property division. If a couple is divorcing, they will need to figure out how to divide their property in a way that is equitable. While couples can do this on their own without court intervention, they are often unable to due to conflict and contention.
  • Domestic violence. If you are a victim of domestic violence, we urge you to take action now to protect yourself. Our lawyers can work with you in confidence to seek a domestic violence protection order, as well as take action to seek custody of your children, receive spousal support payments, and initiate the divorce process.

There’s a Lot on the Line – Work with an Experienced Clearwater Family Lawyer

When you are involved in a family law matter, there’s a lot on the line. If you’re going through the court system, a judge’s decision may be binding, and some decisions cannot be modified at a later date. As such, it is very important that you have a reputable family lawyer on your side who can protect your best interests.

To learn more about working with our Clearwater family lawyer and how we can help, please reach us by phone or online today. We are passionate about serving our clients well.

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